Monadelphous Integrity Hotline


Monadelphous Group Limited ("Monadelphous") is a leading Australian engineering group providing construction, maintenance and industrial services to the resources, energy and infrastructure sectors. We operate across Australia and in countries including New Zealand, China, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, the Philippines and Chile.


Our Commitment

Monadelphous is committed to ensuring that the decisions and actions taken by our employees and contractors reflect the highest standards of integrity as outlined in the Monadelphous Code of Conduct.

To create and preserve this environment, we provide a reporting framework, which is regularly reviewed, in which employees, contractors, and members of the public are able to report instances of actual or suspected unethical or unlawful conduct, without fear of recrimination or reprisals, to the extent permitted by the law. 

Monadelphous is committed to acting on all matters raised, with integrity and fairness.

Raising a Concern

It is expected that a Mondelphous employee, contractor, or member of the public will be able to raise most concerns or queries regarding unethical or unlawful conduct directly with a company representative.

If they believe it is not appropriate to discuss the issue with a company representative, or feel that the concern raised has not been adequately addressed, or wish to remain anonymous, they may report the issue using the Monadelphous Integrity Hotline. All information provided will be treated seriously and dealt with in a sensitive and confidential manner.