SERV Whistleblower Hotline

SERV Whistleblower Hotline

The Secure Electronic Registries Victoria (SERV) is committed to promoting and supporting a culture of integrity, transparency, accountability and excellent corporate compliance and governance.

SERV Whistleblower Hotline is a channel for SERV employees and others to raise concerns of actual or suspected misconduct (as defined in our Whistleblower policy) in the workplace.

This might include engaging, or attempting to engage, in behaviour which:

  • Is dishonest, unethical, fraudulent or corrupt - including bribery, money, laundering, misappropriation of funds
  • Is illegal - including breaches of privacy laws, competition and consumer laws, theft, dealing in or use of illicit drugs, violence or threats of violence, criminal damage against property
  • Involves some form of default, breach of trust, negligence or breach duty
  • Has the potential to cause damage to persons or property – including personal injury, health risks, environmental or property damage – or otherwise endanger the public
  • Has the potential to cause financial harm – including by causing SERV to suffer financial loss or damage to its reputation
  • Involves discrimination, victimisation, bullying or harassment
  • Involves a breach of SERV’s policies and procedures or legal obligations
  • Involves engaging in or threatening to engage in detrimental conduct against a person or entity that has made a whistleblower disclosure

It does not include personal work-related grievances, as defined in our Whistleblower policy. Should your concern relate to a personal work-related grievance it is recommended you speak to your manager or if not appropriate, contact the Executive Manager (HR) to discuss the situation.

Should you choose to do so, your disclosure can be lodged anonymously. However, By reporting anonymously SERV’s ability to fully review and investigate the disclosure may be impacted.

Note also that the SERV Whistleblower Hotline does not replace internal reporting mechanisms which are always available and which SERV encourages you to consider using. However, this is an alternative reporting mechanism which is available to you, particularly if you’re concerned about anonymity and would not otherwise feel comfortable reporting serious misconduct.