Bendigo and Adelaide Bank


BEN Whistleblower Service


Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (the Bank) is committed to a culture of integrity and ethical behaviour, where all of our decisions, actions and behaviours reflect and reinforce our corporate values and code of conduct.

If you have a concern regarding suspected misconduct relating to Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, you can raise your concern through the BEN Whistleblower Service. This concerns reporting service is managed by Deloitte, an independent third party to the Bank.

Raising your concerns so they can be investigated, discussed and resolved is a very important way that the Bank can both uncover wrongdoing and undertake organisational change. This helps us maintain our culture of integrity, accountability and performance that our customers and community rely on.

Your concern may relate to past, present or future suspected or actual breach of law, our Code of Conduct or another Bank policy.

Community Bank and Alliance Bank employees and Directors may raise a whistleblower concern relating to their individual company through the BEN Whistleblower Service.